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  The DSAFIE (Defensible Space Assistance For Income-Eligible) helps low-income seniors and physically disabled persons adhere to defensible space regulations. If you are physically and financially unable to maintain the state-mandated 100’ of defensible space around your home, our Defensible Space Assistance For Income-Eligible Program may help.  PLEASE USE THE APPLICATION BELOW, OR CALL OUR OFFICE AT 707-462-3662, TO BE REGISTERED ON THE WAITING LIST FOR DSAFIE.

2020’s DSAFIE Program was funded by PG&E and the California Fire Safe Council.  We are pleased to announce that a lmited deployment of DSAFIE will begin in June 2021 thanks to an Action, Implementation and Mitigation Program (AIM) grant from Coalitions and Colaboratives, Inc (https://co-co.org/).  The 2021 program will be somewhat different than 2020’s version.  For details, see below.

DSAFIE Services May Include:

• Brush and tree trimming/thinning.
• Raking of dead leaves and pine needles.
• Chipping of removed vegetation (potentialy). Chips are usually left onsite.
• On-site education about effective defensible space.
• Four hours of defensible space improvement work by a 4-person crew.
• Performed by contractors who insured.


• Must be over 65 or have a medical physical disability making it impossible for you to do the clean-up work yourself.
• Must be deemed financially unable to hire a contractor.  “Rule of thumb” guidelines are below, however all applications will be considered.  Applicants will ultimately need to self-certify that they would be unable to perform or finance work on their own .  The federal HUD guidelines to qualify as low income in  Mendocino County  are:
• One-person household: Income is less than $39,150 (annually)
• Two-person household: Income is less than $44,750 (annually)

Please follow the link to the online form to sign up for the program. If you do not have internet access, please call the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council at 707-462-3662 to sign up.


 • This program is funding dependent and services are offered as efficient scheduling of contractors permits.  Projects will be scheduled when we are able to find 2 ore more applicants in the same area whom we can provide service to.  The service will also be scheduled in conjunction with a community chipper day so that cleared brush and limbs can be chipped.

 • Dead or hazardous tree removal is not included in this service.

If you qualify and your work cannot be funded with current grant resources we will keep your application in file for future potential opportunities.

In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.