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Since 2004, your Fire Safe Council has been helping people reduce fire risk, minimize damage, and speed up recovery. We provide resources so that we can all survive and thrive in a fire-prone wildland environment.

REFLective Address SIGNs

 Make sure your address is easy to find and locate in an emergency. Through our Reflect to Protect program, MCFSC provides reflective address signs for your home. When seconds count, these signs help insure first responders stay oriented and find your location.


You and your neighbors are the only experts on your particular community’s strengths, priorities and vulnerabilities in the face of fire. Neighborhood Fire Safe Councils are powerful tools for collective action in wildfire planning, preparation, and education. 

Home Hardening

Homes ignite from contact with flames or embers.  Flying embers can destroy homes up to a mile ahead of a wildfire.  Homeowners should “harden” their homes long before a fire starts.

Living with Wildfire in Mendocino County

A Good Place to Start: Living with Wildfire in Mendocino County [brochure PDF]

Viviendo con los incendios forestales

Empieza aquí: Viviendo con los Incendios Forestales [PDF]

About the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council

The Fire Safe Council of Mendocino County helps residents protect their families and homes from wildfire. Through our programs and services we foster fire preparedness and safety throughout the county, while encouraging community involvement. Learn what you can do before, during, and after a wildfire to stay fire safe and be fire smart.

Neighborhood Fire Safe Councils

Zoom in on map pins to view neighborhood Fire Safe Councils in Mendocino County.  Or Click Here to learn how to create a new one for your neighborhood. 

Mendocino County Fire Safe Council Events

Click Here for our Events Calendar. If you have an event you’d like to add Click Here to go to our Event Submission page.