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Team Rubicon Work Request

Team Rubicon is an organization of veterans and other volunteers who do disaster response and disaster mitigation work. At times they may be available to us in Mendocino County to help with fire mitigation work including shaded fuel breaks, fuel reduction on evacuation routes, and defensible space around homes/driveways for homeowners who are unable to do the work themselves or pay for the work to be done. Team Rubicon typically brings a large team (e.g., 10-40 people) and stays on location in an area for multiple days.  Organizing a project may involve the hosting group providing at least initial logistical support to identify billeting, shower, and kitchen facilities for the Team Rubicon crew.  Team Rubicon’s assistance is ideal for mid to larger-scale efforts, as opposed to doing defensible space for a few homes.   If you are interested in having a project happen in your area please complete the following request form.  This request is not a guarantee that Team Rubicon will be able to take on the project. Team Rubicon will make its own assessment of each proposed project based on its determination of need, the availability of Team Rubicon resources, and other factors.