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Neighborhood Fire Safe Councils are a foundation for fire preparedness in our communities, and one of the primary goals of the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council is to encourage every neighborhood in the county to develop their own. Neighborhood councils are what their dedicated leaders make them, meeting local needs with the energy and resources they have available. Our far-flung communities are incredibly diverse, and neighborhood councils do and should reflect that diversity.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood FSC, the first step is to talk to your neighbors and build a strong place-based network. Because FSCs really are what their leaders make them, their processes, structures and goals vary considerably. The Fire Safe Council Handbook, from the California Fire Safe Council, offers clear and helpful guidance for reaching out and organizing your neighbors as a new council. Please take a look at the handbook, begin talking to your neighbors, and contact the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council for further assistance.

Any group organizing around fire preparedness in their community is free to call themselves a Fire Safe Council. While we appreciate it when participants in these neighborhood groups choose to join the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council as dues-paying members, this is not required. However, we do request that someone from your group fill in the Fire Safe Council Information Form, below, so that we know who you are and how to contact you. We also request that you drop a pin indicating your location and other information you wish to share publicly, on our Existing Councils page.


Once your council is underway, please fill out the Fire Safe Council Info Formation below and send it to us, so that we know who you are, what you aim to accomplish, and how we can best contact you.

About Us

The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partnership of persons, agencies, and organizations seeking to help people, property, and resources survive and thrive in our wildfire-prone environment.

The Fire Safe Council does not seek to prevent all fires in wildland areas.  Instead, it seeks to help persons in wildland areas to prepare for wildfires that are inevitable.

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