MCSFC has a number of publications available about wildfire prevention, safety, and preparedness, in print and .pdf formats.

Download the Mendocino County Community Wildfire Protection Plan 2012 Here

Download MCFSC’s Are you prepared Living with Wildfire in Mendocino County Rev 2015 Here

Download your fire Risk Assessment Checklist Here

Download the Developing Water Supplies pamphlet 2011 Here

About Us

The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partnership of persons, agencies, and organizations seeking to help people, property, and resources survive and thrive in our wildfire-prone environment.

The Fire Safe Council does not seek to prevent all fires in wildland areas.  Instead, it seeks to help persons in wildland areas to prepare for wildfires that are inevitable.

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Mendocino County Fire Safe Council
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