Request a Reflective Address Sign from MCFSC


Firefighters and other first responders need to be able to find you in an emergency—even under smoky conditions. California code requires addresses be marked by REFLECTIVE SIGNS, clearly visible from both directions on the roadway. To make Mendocino County better prepared for wildfires and other emergencies, the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council has initiated a “Reflect to Protect” program. For a donation of $20, you can obtain a custom, two-sided, green-and-white address sign for your home.

To request a sign, please enter your ADDRESS NUMBER,  click ADD TO CART, then click on the CART ICON in the upper right-hand corner of this window to make your donation.

You will be notified when signs are completed and can be PICKED UP IN OUR OFFICE. Please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS below for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I request more than one sign?
    • To request more than one of the same sign, specify the quantity in the field to the left of the ADD TO CART button, above. To request different signs, add one address number, click ADD TO CART, then enter the next.
  • How will I receive my sign?
    • You will be notified when your sign is ready and can be picked up during regular business hours at the Mendocino County Resource Conservation District, 410 Jones St Ste C-3, Ukiah. 
  • Can I pay by check?
    • We accept orders paid by check, made out to MCFSC, and submitted via US Mail. Please include in your order a name, the address number(s), adequate funds ($20 per sign), and contact information (we prefer both email and telephone).
  • Is there a discount if I order more than one sign?
    • We distribute signs nearly at cost, and do not offer discounts. 
  • Can we organize our community and put together a large sign order?
    • Yes, we can accommodate a large sign order paid by check(s) and submitted via US Mail or dropped at our office. Please be sure to include the requested numbers, adequate funds ($20 per sign), a contact name, and contact information (we prefer both email and telephone) and send to:

Mendocino County Fire Safe Council
410 Jones St, Ste C-3
Ukiah, CA 95482


  • Do the signs come with a pole?
    • Signs do not come with a pole. People often purchase sign mounting hardware (such as T or U posts) at Mendo Mill, Friedman’s or Home Depot. On aisle #49, Friedman’s sells 72 inch U-posts, with two pre-drilled holes that are 4” apart and align with the pre-drilled holes on our signs, for around $5.
  • When will my sign be ready for pickup? 
    • The time it takes for our volunteers to make signs varies, but they are usually done within of a couple of weeks from receipt of donation.
  • Can I order a vertical sign?
    • Yes, you can specifically request a vertical sign by including the word “vertical” with your address number. However, the default and recommended orientation is horizontal. Emergency responders prefer a horizontal sign because it is easier to read.
  • Can the sign include a letter or an arrow?
    • Yes, we can accommodate a letter or small arrow (< or >) in your address.
  • Can I order a road name composed of alphabetical characters?
    • No, we provide address number signs only.
  • Why do I need a reflective address sign?
    • Wildfire is always a concern for Mendocino County, and the rest of California, and it is in the best interest of you, your family, property, and community, to be prepared. Emergency responders always emphasize that “seconds count” in such cases, and measures such as proper address signage can make all the difference when it comes to saving lives and property. Address and street signage is used by emergency responders to locate fire and other emergency incidents, such as medical calls, and to avoid delays in response time. Responding to 911 calls can be hampered by lack of address signage at homes, or if signage is faded, peeling, or otherwise difficult to see. All homes should be designated by names or numbers and posted on signs clearly visible and legible from the roadway.
    • The California Public Code of Regulations requires that letters, numbers, and symbols for road and address signs shall be a minimum 4 inches in height, 0.5-inch stroke, reflectorized, and contrasting with the background color of the sign. The California Public Code of Regulations requires that all buildings have a permanently posted address placed at each driveway entrance and visible from both directions of travel along the road (numbers on both sides of the sign). Address signs should be located at a height where headlights from a fire engine will illuminate the sign – between 2 to 5 feet high. Where multiple addresses are required at a single driveway, they are required to be mounted on a single post.  Road and address signs must be the same as what is on file at the county to avoid confusion for emergency responders who use the county system to locate homes.
    • Investing in proper address signage is vital in helping emergency responders know exactly where they are and where they are going. This simple step will help make emergency responder’s critical work a little easier.
  • What if I have further questions?