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Recurring Annual Membership

$30.00 / year

Concerned about Wildfires?

The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council is a nonprofit public-benefit corporation partnering with residents, local Fire Safe Councils, road associations, and other groups working in common-sense ways to reduce the risk of loss to wildland fires.

Memberships are a vital part of our income. They give the organization flexibility and allow us to pursue grants that require an organizational contribution.

Because we are a 501(C)(3) corporation, all contributions are tax deductible!

Our mission is to inform, empower and mobilize county residents to survive and thrive in wild-fire prone environments.

Our programs:

  • Motivational Fuels Reduction Assistance
  • Promoting Fire Safe and Firewise Communities
  • Promoting reflective address signage
  • Training and networking opportunities

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Why should you join the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council?

The mission of the Mendocino County Fire Safe Council (MCFSC) is to inform, empower, and mobilize county residents to survive and thrive in a wildfire prone environment.  This mission is about being prepared because it is not a case of “if” a wildfire will affect our area but “when”. Our organization’s charter is clear; we provide information on how you can help yourself and your neighbors. This knowledge empowers neighborhoods to collectively take action, to mobilize residents to work together to protect people, property and the environment.  

The MCFSC main activity to help facilitate the spread of information and preparedness activities is assisting the development and maintenance of local, neighborhood Fire Safe Councils (FSC).  Every neighborhood is unique and has the freedom to structure its local FSC in a way that works best for that particular area. The parent MCFSC role is to provide a formal umbrella for the local FSCs, allowing them to operate under the MCFSC’s formal status as a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. The MCFSC houses information, maintains a website, hosts regular meetings, offers workshops, collaboration with fire-professionals, insurance for volunteers, and administers and applies to grant opportunities for projects throughout the County.  

The formal infrastructure of the MCFSC organization, and the implementation of these programs requires documentation and funding.  Your membership allows the MCFSC to document the community we serve, provides data for our insurance, tax filing, and legal requirements, as well as helping to fund staff, maintenance of our website, printing literature and matching funds for grant opportunities.  Your membership in the MCFSC will help us to continue providing these valuable fire education and preparedness programs.

The MCFSC is seeking volunteers for a variety of subcommittees. These include: Public Education/Marketing/Outreach, Fundraising/Grant Writing, Fundraising/Events, Programs/Guest Speakers, Membership, and Prescribed Burning.  For more information, write: