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What To Do After Fire

The MCFSC focuses on pre-fire preparation and mitigation.  We do not have expertise in post-fire recovery.  However, as we periodically receive calls asking for help with post-fire issues, we have assembled the following resources as references for people looking for guidance.  One great place to start is with the resources at the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources page:


Post-Fire Recovery Resources

Post Fire Restoration Dos and Don’ts (pdf)

Returning After a Fire Checklist (pdf)

2020 Post-Fire Forest and Rural Land Recovery Workshop (Sonoma County)

Insurance Claim Guidance Library (Uniter Policyholders)

After the Fire – Preparing for Winter

Preparing for Winter (pdf)

Prevent Soil Erosion (pdf)

Straw Mulching (pdf)

Straw Wattle Installation (pdf)

Hillside Home Drainage (pdf)

After the Fire – Forests and Oak Woodlands

UCANR Recovering from Wildfire for California Forest Landowners

Which Oaks will Survive (pdf)

Hazard Tree Removal (pdf)

Post Fire Forestland Restoration (pdf)

After the Fire – Rangeland and Livestock

Livestock After the Fire (pdf)