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PG&E Regional Enhanced Vegetation Management

PG&E has shared the following estimates about when and where it will be performing vegetation management work in Mendocino  County in 2021.  Enhanced Vegetation Management plans (in the 3 row color-coded table below) are additional work they are planning to complete this year to help remove fuel along egress roads near power lines in the county to help make those roads safer for the community in the event of a wildfire.  The table at the link below is the routine line clearing work schedule for Mendocino County.  These are tentative dates and are subject to change.  PG&E’s routine clearing crews will likely be in the area 30-45 days before their end date listed in the linked spreadsheet and its annual dead tree patrol will cover the same areas on a approximate 6 month offset.

If you have specific vegetation management concerns related to PG&E facilities in your area, you can look up when PG&E is likely to be in your area and send us an explanation at Admin@firesafemendocino.org before the work is likely to begin.  We will relay your information to PG&E’s vegetation management team.

You can download the 2021 PG&E Geographical work plan here

Below is a schedule for supplemental road clearing work in 2021