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Mendocino County Project Tracker Map

Welcome to the Mendocino County

Wildfire Mitigation Project Tracker Map! 

The map below shows complete, in process, and proposed fuel reduction projects designed to help protect us from wildfire. 

This tool tracks and informs residents and partnering agencies of all the great work happening across our county.  It also serves as a clearinghouse for projects that need to happen in order to improve our collective wildfire resilience.  This is a living map that will be regularly updated with new projects, statuses and proposed projects, so check back often.

Don’t see an important project on the map? We want to add it! Click on this link to fill out a form or email

A basic version of the map is on the screen below.  The projects are symbolized based on status (Proposed, Planned, Active, Completed).  You can use the search bar to type in your address and learn if something is being done in your neighborhood. You can also zoom out to see what’s going on around you. Click on the projects to get basic information on them. 

If you don’t like maps you can view the complete list of projects here: click on this link.  To take a deeper dive and see the projects in context you can go to the full Mendocino County Project Tracker Map which allows you to add and subtract layers with additional information like: power line locations, fire hazard severity zones, fire history, public lands and protected areas, and much more. You can use the layer viewer to help gather information that could be helpful when designing a proposed project, describing the importance of that project, and applying for grants to fund a project.

Click here to view the full map with informational layers

To work with the map below click the arrow in the top left corner to view the legend of items in the map

The map below shows the fiscal year-to-date (July 2022 – June 2023) areas by zip code where the MCFSC has provided free Community Chipper Day and Defensible Space for Income Eligible Seniors (DSAFIE) service.  If your neighborhood needs these services and is not on the map please contact us at 707-462-3662 or

To work with the map below click the arrow in the top left corner to view the legend of items in the map.

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