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MCCWPP – Appendix B: Unit Goals and Objectives

The overall goal of the Mendocino Fire Plan is to reduce total costs and losses from wildland fires within the Unit by protecting assets at risk through focused pre-fire management prescriptions and increased initial attack success. To make the Unit fire plan a success, several key objectives to achieve should be strived for during implementation of the plan, including;

    • Collection and analysis of data from a variety of resources to evaluate potential projects and determine the levels of benefits provided to the communities and environment within the Unit.
    • Development of strong local relationships with stakeholders to develop and maintain a more natural fire resilient landscape. These relationships will be key in establishing community buy-in to the responsibilities of living in the wildlands.
    • Public Education on why fire prevention techniques and requirement measures are so important in developing safer homes and communities.
    • Fiscal policy strength to focus and monitor the wildland fire protection system in fiscal terms. This will include all public and private expenditures and economic losses.

Before and during implementation of any pre-fire management activity, stakeholders’ input is sought in order to:

    • Acquaint stakeholders with the process
    • Bring their expertise and knowledge to bear on assets-at-risk
    • Review the levels of service in these locations
    • Identify areas where the stakeholders consider levels of risk unacceptable
    • Indentify other beneficial results of various fuel management activities