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MCCWPP – Appendix D: Local Fire Safe Councils

The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council encourages road associations, homeowner groups, subdivisions, towns, and any housing clusters to create their own local Fire Safe Councils. These groups need not have a formal or legal structure; they need only the desire to make themselves fire safe and to educate and encourage their neighbors to do the same.  The MCFSC is available to – and does — assist local Councils in these ways:

    • Leading or participating in local educational events
    • Providing educational materials for local distribution
    • Connecting local Councils with Fire Safe service providers and vendors, other Councils, and anyone else who can assist their efforts
    • Seeking grant funding for vegetation reduction or address signage projects
    • Providing financial services such as holding trust funds or administering grant monies
    • Generally assisting with administrative, business, financial, and legal functions, leaving local groups free to do on-the-ground projects and education

Local Fire Safe Councils already functioning or currently being organized include:

  • Brooktrails, Sylvandale & Spring Creek

Fire Safe Councils (BS&SCFSC)

  • Pine Mountain Fire Safe Council


  • Deerwood
  • Greenfield Ranch
  • Rancho Navarro Safety Committee
  • Robinson Creek Fire Safe Council
  • Island Cove Estates
  • Oak Knoll Road
  • Ridgewood Park
  • Shafer Ranch Road
  • McNab Ranch Fire Safe Council
  • Willowbrook/Sherwood Forest Hills
  • Black Bart Trail
  • Caspar
  • Upper Parducci Road

Other local Fire Safe Councils are being formed, and their names and work will be included in future versions of this Plan. The MCFSC and fire personnel in Mendocino County are very grateful to these dedicated groups who are performing an enormous amount of work toward making their Wildland-Urban Interface communities more “fire safe.”