The health of the MCFSC organization and the services it can provide to county residents is dependent on volunteers.  The Board of Directors and Staff have volunteered to serve as the initial leaders to Subcommittees until those Subcommittees can operate independently.

To sign up to assist with a Subcommittee, please send an email to:

SUBCOMMITTEES AND LEADERSHIP TEAMS:                                                  

    •    Initial Leadership Team: Nancy, Joe, Charlie, Lisa

Helps prioritize and develop literature and workshops. Example: Update to the “Living with Wildfire” brochure.

    • Initial Leadership Team: Amanda, Megan             

Solicits project ideas, identifies funding opportunities, and helps author grant applications. Example: Submitted proposal for a Business Plan to Community Foundation.

  • FUNDRAISING/EVENTS                                                                     
    • Initial Leadership Team: Megan

Solicits ideas and plans social fundraising events. Example: Partnering with Mendocino Redwood Company and Walk/Bike Mendocino for a Walk/Bike event in 2020.

    • Initial Leadership Team: Charlie, Imil

Recruits guest speakers for general or special topic meetings.  Example: New MCFSC Chair will present to the Advisory Council meeting in March.

  • POLICY/GOVERNANCE                                                                      
    • Initial Leadership Team: Joe, Megan, Mike

Operations related activity to ensure MCFSC is compliant with all non-profit regulations and is building capacity to be able to offer more services in the future.

  • MEMBERSHIP                                                                                      
    • Initial Leadership Team: Imil

Recruit new members, expand membership benefits, and mobilize current members to stay active, engaged, and having fun. Example: Participation in Willits Motive Power Expo.

About Us

The Mendocino County Fire Safe Council, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit partnership of persons, agencies, and organizations seeking to help people, property, and resources survive and thrive in our wildfire-prone environment.

The Fire Safe Council does not seek to prevent all fires in wildland areas.  Instead, it seeks to help persons in wildland areas to prepare for wildfires that are inevitable.

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