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Become a Chipper Day Organizer!

Become a Fire Safe Champion!  Organize a Chipper Day.

Help all of your neighbors create better defensible space around your homes by organizing a Chipper Day.  You can become a champion by helping everyone get their branches and brush chipped FOR FREE.

Start by reviewing the overall guidelines such as how to make good chipper piles, at our main Chipper Day page.

Then get our Chipper Day flier to spread the word and help make it happen in your area.

Chipper Day coordinators must:

  1.  Develop a list of all participants
  2.  Use the link on our Cipper Day page to sign up or simply contact our office to set a date at (707) 462-3662 or
  3.  Make sure all participants know the rules for making chipper piles.
  4.  We need to know the exact number of piles, which must be about 5’x 5’x10′ to allow for our crew to plan for the proper amount of time.
  5.  Tell us any other necessary information such as gate codes, best routes to take, accessibility issues for large equipment, etc..

If you want more information call us at 707-462-3662.