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Finding affordable home insurance, particularly for homes in high or very high wildfire risk areas, is both challenging and likely to be expensive.  Here are a couple of resources that can help you navigate the hunt more successfully.

There is a wealth of information provided by nonprofit United Policy Holders (UPH).  Visit their home page by Clicking Here

If you still have insurance and want to make sure it is adequate (and get lots of other great tips) review UPH’s Roadmap for Preparedness Program at https://www.uphelp.org/roadmap-preparedness

If you have survived a wildfire, UPH’s Roadmap to Recover https://www.uphelp.org/programs/roadmap-to-recovery  is invaluable.


If you have been dropped by your insurance start with this guide: https://www.uphelp.org/pubs/dropped-your-insurer-where-go-help-california-0

Yapacopia, a Certified Public Benefit Corp, can perform help you with a hunt for viable insurance options.  Find them at https://yapacopia.com/