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Fire Safe Roof Grant

Replace flammable roofing materials with fire-resistant materials to harden homes against wildfire.

This grant is now managed by the County of Mendocino. It is closed to new applications. Existing applicants may contact the County at Or you may call (707)234-6077.

About the Fire Safe Roof Project


The Redwood Complex Ignition-Resistant Construction project will help homeowners replace flammable roofing materials – primarily WOODEN SHINGLE ROOFS – with non-flammable materials to make homes more resistant to wildfire in the high and very high fire hazard severity zones (FHSZ), as designated by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE). Ultimately this project aims to improve community resiliency and prevent loss of life and property.

FEMA has awarded Mendocino County this Hazard Mitigation Grant to provide replacement rebates for homeowners who work with an approved contractor to install Class A fire-resistant roofing, attic vents, and gutter covers on residential structures. Participants will be reimbursed for approximately 70% of the cost to install a Class A roof, roof/attic vents, and gutter covers.

To Qualify You Must:

to ,Own a home in the high or very high fire hazard severity zones in Mendocino County. To find out if your home qualifies, click here to look at the CalFire map designating the FHSZ. (Click the “binocular” icon to type in your address; if the area behind the red dot that denotes your address is orange, pink, or red, you are in a qualifying zone.)

  • Have a roof that does not meet the Class A standards for home hardening.
  • Agree to maintain defensible space around your home for the life of the roof.
  • Consent to a free inspection by a historical architecture consultant if your home is older than 47 years.
  • Get a roofing quote from an approved contractor.
  • Be able to pay for the full cost of the roof up front and receive the rebate 6-12 months later.

Applications are currently open and are being accepted until January 1, 2022. Once your application has been reviewed, a staff member will contact you with next steps.

Roof installation is subject to FEMA approval, which may take up to three years.

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