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Local Fuels Reduction Resources

The Following Fuels Reduction and Fire Safety Professionals Provide a Discount to MCFSC Members

Family Tree Resource – Full spectrum tree and brush management services. http://www.familytree-service.com/ Call (707) 512-0383


Clarke’s Tree Service – OFFERS 10% Discount to MCFSC MEMBERS FOR 1st TIME CUSTOMERS

Action Rents Ukiah- 707-472-0500- Offering 10% discount on a list of equipment that can be used for fire-safety and prevention:

  • Wood Chippers
  • Log Splitters
  • Stump Grinders
  • Chainsaws
  • Pole Saws
  • Weed eaters
  • Hedge Trimmers
  • Brush Cutters & Mowers

There are many capable and conscientious vegetation-management contractors in Mendocino County, and we would like to partner with you to increase fire safety in our communities. If you would like to offer a discount for services provided to our members or be listed on our resource page, please contact us at firesafe@pacific.net  Please be sure to include your business email contact if you would like to receive any future Requests for Proposals (RFP). Here is a link to it.  Mendocino County Community Chipper Program


Below is a list of contractors who work in the county on forestry and fuel reduction projects. This list is by no means complete. Many tend to work on larger scale projects. As you will see, there are many operators and tree service companies who work in Mendocino County. Please excercise due diligence when choosing. Ask friend and neighbors for recommendations or ask the contractor for references. Also, it is best to hire companies that have proof of liability insurance.

Business Number City Website License #
A&N Quality Tree Service 707-367-9108 Willits, CA www.anqualitytreeservice.com
Aido Aquilera 707-621-2595
NOTES: Poison Oak removal, brush clearing. Referred by Nacho Flores.
All in 1 Tree & Timber 707-877-3340 landline, 707-272-7387 cell, 707-895-2230 Philo, CA www.stumpmakers.com 1012237
NOTES: Tree trimming, removal, hazard cleanup and site preparation. Referred by Lower Elkhorn Road Fire Safe Team
ATC Tree Services 707-693-7053 (707) 391-5906 (Cell) Ukiah, CA



Brooktrails and Beyond Wildfire Mitigation Services (707) 513-0451 Willits, CA https://brooktrails-and-beyond-wildfire-mitigation-services.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral Bus Lic# 135190
Beaty Jerry’s Tree Surgery (707) 964-5038 Fort Bragg, CA 705437
Brian’s Tree Services 507-423-6274 Redwood Valley, CA
Bushfire Inc 707-496-7116 Bushfire.inc #1085029
BT’s Tree Works 707-272-2062 Ukiah, CA https://bts-tree-works.business.site/ 1031344
Coatline Tree Service 916-213-7060 Mendocino, CA coastlinetrees.com
Lic#1060218 ISA certified Arborist WE-13195A
Catalyst Arborist Services LLC 707-572-8687 Willits, CA catalystarboristservices@gmail.com ISA Utility Specialist WE 9292au #03897
Clarke’s Tree Service 707-621-0757 Mendocino County, CA clarkestreeservices@gmail.com> License# 1083996
NOTES: Tree climbing & limbing. Recommended on Valley Hub/Facebook
Coast Tree Service (707) 480-7357 Point Arena, CA 545744
Davey Resource Group (916) 540-0756 Santa Rosa, CA WE-12288A
NOTES: OFFERS 10% off to first time customers who are members of the MCSFSC. Has done contract work for MCFSC.
Donahoo Inc (707) 921-8590 Potter Valley, CA 860066
Dubose Tree Service, Inc. 707-964-3599, 707-489-9770 Fort Bragg, CA www.dubosetreeservice.com 729820
Eager Beaver Tree Service 707-964-2242 Fort Bragg, CA 1001545
Eyermann Enterprises (707) 272-9797 Willits, CA 892336
Fale’s Site Prep (707) 272-3452 Fort Bragg, CA 825397
Family Tree Resource Inc (707) 272-8668 Laytonville, CA 1048457
NOTES: OFFERS 10% off to Fire Safe Council Members. Has done contract work for the MCFSC. Full range of services.
Family Tree Service Inc 707-984-6629 Laytonville, CA www.familytree-service.com 640013
From the Ground Up Anna cell: 707-800-2260, Anna home 707-937-2139, Dan 916-995-3634 Comptche, CA WE3081AM
Full Boar Tree Service 707-972-6752 Ukiah, CA
Golden Forest Tree Services 707-621-3116 Redwood Valley, CA https://www.goldenforestca.com/ 1048565
Great Tree Tenders 707-485-7569, cell 707-621-4601 Redwood Valley, CA
Green Right O’Way Constructors, Inc. 866-372-1570 Willits, CA
Gregg D Construction (707) 354-0950 Willits, CA 986769
Hans Hering 707-684-1871
NOTES: Tree climbing, falling and limbing. Referred by Heidi Knott-Gundling
HIS Design and Climbing 707-841-9070
Johnson’s Quality Tree Care and Logging 707-462-7009 (WH), 707-462-4185 (MM) Ukiah, CA www.johnsonsqualitytreecare.com 698591
Jose Orsornio 707-621-2183
NOTES: Referred by Lower Elkhorn Road Fire Safe Team
Klee Tree Service and Timber Falling (707) 272-9797 Willits, CA 1006457
Lawson, Will and Tyler 707-972-3210
NOTES: Referred by Lower Elkhorn Road Fire Safe Team
Marvin’s Garden Tree Service 707-459-1940 (WH), 707-279-9217 (WH), 707-462-3490 (MM) Willits, CA www.marvinsgardentreeservice.com 625687
Matt’s Custom Tree Care 707-624-9046 Ukiah, CA
Mendocino Tree Service 707-964-3523 Mendocino, CA 633004
Miguel Ridolfi – licensed Arborist 707-799-8595
NOTES: Licensed arborist. See Valley Hub/Facebook
Morrison J W Inc (707) 984-8858 Laytonville, CA 970906
Murphy’s Tree Care (707) 964-6325 Fort Bragg, CA 941494
North Coast Tree Care 707-459-3015 Willits, CA
Paulson Excavating 707-272-9666 Inland Mendo
NOTES: Contact Jason Clarke jasonclarke8822@gmail.com. Specializes in rural fire breaks.
Paul Caudle Tree Service – Arborist 707-972-4043 Willits, CA
NOTES: arborist. Landscaping, tree shaping, maintenance, tree removal & pruning. Referred by Carolyn Brooks
RDR & Sol Construction (707) 964-6841 Fort Bragg, CA 339071
Rick Junker 707-357-0954 Clearlake, CA
NOTES: Brush removal, roadside clearing. Referred by Nash Mill Road Project
Robin Bird 707-895-9155
NOTES: Has maintained Sky Ranch roads.
Supreme Tree Service 707-791-5323 Gualala & Ukiah, CA supreme3811@gmail.com
Shelton’s Tree Service, LLC Laytonville, CA
Shepard & Sons Timber Falling cell 707-489-5171, 707-485-1667 Redwood Valley, CA www.shepardandsonstimberfalling.com
Shoreline Tree Service (707) 882-1718 Point Arena, CA 906673
Thompson Tree Service 707-459-3145 Willits, CA 973098
Thompson Tree Services 707-489-3133 Ukiah, CA
Tim Woskow 707-391-0560 Ukiah, CA
NOTES:  Mowing, Brush, Tree Clearing
Timberlake Tree Service (707) 462-8004 Ukiah, CA 710199
Timberline Land Management 707-357-0954 Fort Bragg, CA
Tom’s Tree Care (707) 937-5139 Ukiah, CA 1019827
Tonk’s Tree Service 707-964-6209 Fort Bragg, CA 798911
TS Logging (707) 895-3751 Philo, CA
Woodchuck Chipping Tree Service 707-961-1505 Fort Bragg, CA 892336