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Publications & Information
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MCSFC has a number of publications available about wildfire prevention, safety, and preparedness, in print and .pdf formats.

If you have dial-up, click HERE to read these as webpages instead of large-size pdf files.

The pdfs are available to read or download from this site - click on the PDF link under the subject you want. Some of the larger pdf files are also available as webpages without all the illustrations to create reasonable download times for rural users with slow connections.

Most of our print publications may be obtained by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to MCFSC, PO Box 1488, Ukiah, CA 95482, and stating which publication you want.

Most will fit in a business sized envelope with $0.44 postage, but our Living With Wildfire Brochure is 16 pages and needs a 9x12 envelope with $1.22 postage.

ALL of the .pdf files below will open in new windows.
Close them to exit.

NEW - Water Supplies for Fire Protection, 2011 is a 4 page 1.4mb PDF file

Living With Wildfire (2007) and Living With Wildfire (2009) are 16 page brochures with numerous illustrations and cover a large amount of information on many aspects of wildfire preparedness and safety. In print form by mail these require 9x12 envelopes with $1.22 postage or they can be obtained at most fire stations in Mendocino County. If your local station doesn't have these, call us at 707-462-3662 or email us with your address and let us know what you need!
Living with Wildfire (2007) as a 9.4 mb PDF file,
Living With Wildfire (2009)as a 37 mb PDF file.
Because of the size of these files, most of what these two contain is also available as a series of webpage articles for those of us who live rurally with slow connections.

The Mendocino County Community Wildfire Protection Plan has been updated. Information about how the plan was compiled is here

The Wildfire Risk Assessment Form, 2010, is five pages which allow you to figure your risks, and by the nature of the questions, to figure what you could be doing to make your home more safe. This PDF file is 90 kb. Print this out and use it!

Creating a Fire Safety Zone is one page and talks about having a backup space in case you are unable to evacuate. The PDF file is under 25 kb.

Water Supplies for Fire Protection is a 4 page 1.2mb PDF file
This will be available as a web page in the near future
Developing Water Supplies is an 18kb text-only PDF file

How to Plant Weed Wise and Fire Safe - a Guide to Keeping Inland Mendocino County Safe & Beautiful - is a 12.7mb PDF file for that prints to a 14x8.5 brochure.

Controlling Invasive Weeds: When and How to Mow is a 27 kb PDF file.

Gorse the Invader is a 300kb PDF file or is available as a
webpage (without as many illustrations)
Gorse is a noxious pest plant that burns avidly and spreads easily, and is endangering the Mendocino Coast and spreading to other parts of the county.

Horse Owner Preparedness is a 19kb PDF file.

Conserving Mendocino County's Working Landscapes is a 24kb PDF file
What the The Mendocino County Resource Conservation District is doing.

California Native Plant Society is a 17kb PDF file with links to using the best native plants in landscaping and fire prevention.

The Natural Resources Conservation Service is a 14kb PDF file with information about their services.

Updated: 30 Aprilt, 2011
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