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Why be concerned about wildfires?

Because they can destroy many things that can’t be replaced
firefighters ... your pets ... your family photos ... your view of the mountains ... the fragrance of nature ... the wildlife you enjoy ... the wind in the trees ... the dream house you built ... the car you restored ... your gun collection ... your grandma’s antiques ... the trees you planted ... the garden you love
... and you!

Articles on Wildfires & Safety

green dotfrom Living With Wildfire 2007 cyan dotfrom Living With Wildfire 2009
gold dotfrom other MCFSC publications red dot only available on this site

red dot Anderson Valley Fire Chief Colin Wilson and the San Diego Cedar Fire - a must read!

red dotHard Facts About Homes Burn - another must read with new information!

dot Be Prepared - Plan Ahead - Preperations you can make, actions you can take.

dot Embers and “the little things” - Protecting against hidden fires.

dot Home Preparedness - Are you ready if a fire happens? Will your home survive?

dot Access to Your Home - Can responders find and get to your house?

dot If a wildfire is heading your way... - know what to take, how to be prepared.

dotIf you can't get out... - do you have a Safety Zone?

dot Will a fire engine come to your house?
- or pass you by as a lost cause?

dotMake your home “defensible” or “survivable”! - some things you can do.

dotZones for Wildfire Safety - your landscaping can make a differance

dot How to Plant Weed Wise and Fire Safe for inland Mendocino County
          page 1: Invasive Weeds
          page 2: How to Use this Guide, and the Garden Zone
          page 3: Greenbelt Zone
          Page 4: Transition Zone
          Page 5: Trees & Powerlines
          Page 6: Credits and Acknowledgements

dotAir, Fire, and Water - Air quality, burn permits, and water supplies

dot Developing Water Supplies for Fire Protection - by Fire Chief Colin Wilson

dot Insurance - things you should know before a fire

dotOutdoor Fire Safety - careless equipment use and growing practices can cause fires.

dotWildfires: Mendocino County Natives
- They have always happened here.

dotInvasive Gorse - The hot-burning invasive import that is trying to take over our Coast

dotThe Reality of Wildfire - a Mendocino scenario - It could happen here!

dotIt Will Happen Here - the Oakland Hills Fire - and it did happen there!

dot Mendocino National Forest Resource Advisory Committee - what we do.

More articles are being added frequently!

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